I think that we all know well that when there is a mixture of powerful and fast cars, amazing girls and some of the quickest and insanely cool looking bikes, we are about to have a great time.

That is why we are always looking for these types of video clips, real good-mood boosters, that will make our day and fulfill us with positive vibes.

Today we have prepared a video that is consisted of everything of the above mentioned.

Powerful bikes like the BMW S1000 RR, absolutely crazy built Honda CBR1000, extremely powerful Suzuki Hayabusa…and when it comes to the cars, there are a few 8 second monsters, like that awesome Nissan GTR, Mitsubishi Evo, and of course, there are the girls.

Those incredibly hot women in bikini, that we see very often at car expos, but this time inside utterly fast supercars, and their crazy reaction during that insane and high velocity experience.

I really think that I do not need to say any more.

An awesome bikes, racing each other, 8 second cars battling with those insanely fast bikes, and the utterly hot chicks. And you do not have to choose, it is all in the following video compilation.

So check it out and enjoy this almost three minutes of absolute fun and pleasure. And if you want to find out more about an interesting bike and car comparison, go to this link.


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