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Would You Live in a House Where an Exorcism Was Performed?

We’ve all seen “The Exorcist”, the infamous film based on William Peter Blatty’s equally infamous book. We also know that Blatty based his story on something that really happened, the exorcism of a boy in 1949 that took place at no less than four different places during the months-long exorcism. For years it was thought ...

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The Phantom Black Cat of Washington

This week seemed an apt time to ponder our nation’s political ghosts. We all know Abraham Lincoln haunts the White House along with Andrew Jackson and a host of first ladies, Woodrow Wilson is seen in a rocking chair at Blair House. A great many ghosts are associated with the other ...

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Composing From the Grave

Most ghosts are hopelessly vague, so much so that one wonders if you can accomplish anything at all in the afterlife. They appear and disappear transiently, leave us muffled and hard to understand EVPs, and for the life of them can’t do anything on demand or repeatable to prove their existence beyond ...

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Beware La Llorona: Vengeful Spirit That Will Claim Your Soul

Every year, there are numerous La Llorona sightings. Have you ever encountered this real-life terrifying legend? If you’re traveling along Trabuco Creek near San Juan Capistrano, visiting O’Neill Regional Park, or planning a trip through Fresno’s Snake Road, you’re bound to come across one of the powerful vengeful entities that haunt the ...

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10 Most Sinister Signs Your House is Haunted

You shrug it off when you hear some rapping on your walls. The footsteps that woke you last night must have been part of a dream. But trying to be reasonable can make you a fool. Ignoring the spirits haunting you will make them ever more ghoulish, trying to get more attention. Your house will become ...

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Terror In The Trees: Did Abuela Warn You About La Lechuza?

Has a Lechuza ever called your name? Latinas in California know better than to whistle three times at midnight as that’s an invitation to one of the fearsome Mexican paranormal entities: La Lechuza. Haunting the former part of Mexico, especially San Diego, she haunts the sky after dusk or nightfall, swooping down and carrying away ...

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