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Demon Worshipers Encounter

During my second year of highschool, my five friends and I got really interested in Airsoft. A few days before major Airsoft events start we would play against each other on an abandoned fair grounds, the first couple times we went we explored a few abandoned building one of them were a swimming center that had a large basment. We would stay away from the basement after discovering grafitte of pentagrams ,mutilated animal corpses and black burnt out candles, the experience grossed us out nut still decided to play above ground.

One day we decided to go after school just before it got dark we went home quickly packed snacks, Airsoft BB’s and our Airsoft guns and put on our airsoft vests to say the least, we looked like special ops soldiers. We met up at the right side of the fairgrounds which was well hidden so no one could see us enter. Their was a hole in the fence which allowed us to crawl through after crawling through one of my friends wanted to play a few games of free for all in the swimming center even though most of us felt uneasy about the place we said “Fuck it” and tried to play it cool so no one would think of each other as a wimp.

During the first free for all game, we heard yelling and screaming but the screaming we heard was almost animal like and it sounded like it was in a lot of pain. Scared and some of us pissed off started to shout back at the blacked out stairwell that led to the basement “What the hell are you doing down their?” One of my friends yelled the yelling stopped and I could hear muffled crying almost as if someone was screaming but had their mouths shut. It went quiet and a male voice came from the basement saying “Come down and we will show you.” I could see my friends faces pale and speechless as we booked it out of there, we could hear foot steps chase after us from behind.

As we were running we had ran down the wrong pathway and out of desperation ran up a stairwell that led us to a ladder, we climbed up and found ourselves on the roof of the swimming center. We blocked the ladders entrance with pieces of debris left on the roof. We waited and watched in horror as three tall and skinny men walked out all in hooded jackets, one was carrying a white plastic bag. One of my friends said that they shouldn’t have messed with us like that and said “Screw them” under his breath my friend started to shoot at the sketchy men. The man with the white bag had dropped the bag and a bunch of blood and from what it looked like mashed up meat fell from the white plastic bag. Before I knew it we all started to unload all of our clips at the men, as they started to run away so did we. We found a a fire exit ladder, climbed down and left.

We were stupid kids back then but at least we were smart enough to never go back. Even to this day it still sickens me to think off what they possibly were doing in that basement.

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