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Man ‘crushes the car of his ex-girlfriend’s new lover with his truck

An Australian man ‘crushed the car of his ex-girlfriend’s new lover in a jealous rage and posted the pictures on Facebook’

A 29-year-old man crushed his friend’s car by driving his 4×4 truck over it after he found out he was sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, police say.

The man, from Darwin, Australia was arrested after reportedly driving his Ute over a black Holden Commodore.

Shortly after he posted images to the public Facebook page, NT Performance Cars, Parts and Services, with the caption “u [sic] dog c**t I told you I would do it I got the balls come and get your s*** now f*** face im [sic] here waiting for you.

One image shows the front wheel of the truck lodged in the smashed windscreen of the Commodore and the other shows the man standing triumphantly on the back of the truck with his hands in the air.

It seems a complicated love triangle caused the truck owner to allegedly go to such extreme measures.

According to Facebook posts on the driver’s wall, his ex-girlfriend, who is the mother of three of his children, started seeing his best friend.

After the man was arrested he continued to upload images to Facebook, including one from the back of a police vehicle.

NT Police say they arrested the man for unlawfully damaging property and have pressed charges.

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