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10 Most Haunted Hikes In Colorado

Out of all the haunted hikes in Colorado you might go on, some are more haunted than others. There are so many mountains, rivers, and desolate forests in Colorado, and a few of these trips can take you through scary places. When you head out for these treks, keep your eyes peeled for any ...

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Black-Eyed Ghost Girl Caught on Camera

The person who filmed the video below says that he recorded it on his mobile phone to check for clarity and wasn’t expecting to see this terrifying girl with black eyes when he played the footage later on. We watch the camera pan and sweep over the grounds of what appears to ...

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10 Scariest Haunted Attractions in New York

As one of the oldest states in the Union, New York has more claim to ghosts and other evidence of the supernatural than most places. The paranormal loves history, and New York is oozing with it. From the Big Apple itself to the picturesque countryside of Upstate New York, it’s tough to find a ...

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