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With the quick rise of popularity of reality television, stars were born practically overnight. When cameras began rolling on real life situations and picking out the best and juiciest parts of the day, people really took a liking to it and, as a result, these shows seemed to boom overnight and people who were once your average or slightly above average hard-working folks became celebrities for doing whatever it was that they did on a regular basis.

This might seem like a great thing all the way around, I mean, who could possibly complain about doing what they do every day and all of a sudden being paid copious amounts of money just for appearing on television while doing it? Well, while it might seem like all gravy, but there are definitely challenges that go with this quick rise to fame and money. It might sound quite cliché but it really does so happen so that folks find themselves in a bad position financially before they know it thanks to overspending and expansion quicker than they are ready to handle.

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