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Sleepover Hell

It was the summer i was 15. My friends and i hung out a lot that summer and Sarah wanted us to spend the night at her house on the last weekend before school started.. So we did the usual sleep over things young teens do. Then she brought it out.

The Ouija board. Now my Grandmother had always told me not to mess with them. But Sarah and my other friends talked me into it. Of course we did the whole candles and darkened room bit. We started messing around, giggling and trying to blame the movement on someone. Then it got, weird. The planchette suddenly seemed to get cooler under our fingers. The giggling started to die down to nervous laughter between us.

All of a sudden the planchette started to spell out 2 words, My house. It did this a few times, then all of a sudden a gust of wind blew out the candles. Which would not have been so odd, had the window been open, but it wasn’t. Well we got out of that room as fast as we could. We tried laughing it off and tried to come up with explanations as to what we just saw.

We ended up staying awake all night in the living room. We left her house as soon as we could. Well this is when it got even weirder. School started back up and we sort of forgot about that night. Except we started to notice Sarah was absent a lot. And when she was in school she didn’t look well. She had dark circles under eyes, and she just looked ill.

So we decide to go visit her one day after school when again she had not been that day. Her mom lets us in the house, and takes us to the family room. Sarah looked even worse. She was quite, and just stared off into space. We didn’t really know what to we just told her we hoped she felt better and turned to go.

Her mom asked us to wait a sec and she came outside with us. She asked us if we knew what Sara h did to her room. We had no clue what she was talking about. She said that after that weekend we slept over Sarah began to change. She wouldn’t sleep. And her room began to smell. This horrible rotting smell. They had cleaned her room and cleaned the rugs. We said we didn’t know of anything and we left.

We saw less and less of Sarah, and finally she just stopped coming at all. We would go and try to see her but her mom said that she wasn’t up to seeing anyone. Her mom looked exhausted. And soon after that we stopped trying to see her. Later in the year my family moved away. I lost contact with my friends.

After college i moved back into that town. I reconnected with a few of the girls from back then. Some how we got on the subject of Ouija boards. And then i asked what had ever happened to Sarah. They filled me in.

Sarah’s parents had hired a pest control guy to see if something had died in the wall because the smell in Sarah’s room was still there and seemed to be getting stronger. He didn’t find anything. So her parent s replaced all the sheet rock and the rug in her room. Didn’t make the smell go away. By this time Sarah’s parents had put her in the mental hospital. She would only mutter ‘My house, My house”.

Sarah’s parents eventually moved out and tried to sell the place. My friends said it sat empty for a very long time. And one night it caught fire and burned down. So if you are at a sleep over and someone tries to get you to mess with a Ouija board, Don’t.

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