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Sleepover scare

This story begins with a sleepover.  My sister had always  thought our room gave her a weird vibe. Once she said that when I was sleeping I sat straight up in bed with my hair in my face and stared into the pitch black closet behind her. The next morning she asked if I felt possessed or felt weird last night. I said nothing happened but she moved out of that room after that.

Years after nothing happened but that was before my sleepover. My 2 best friends were over and we were having a good time. When every body was asleep I randomly woke up, and through my half closed eyes I saw a shadowed figure at the edge of my bed standing right in front of me. I thought it could have been my friend Hope but this figure had no face, they looked like nothing but a shadow. I turned around slowly as if I were still asleep. I was starting to get really freaked out, even angry. I turned around towards where the figure had been but there was nothing there.

I looked at my phone to see what time it was and it was exactly 12:00 A.M. I looked at my other friends still asleep wondering what had just happened. After that, I couldn’t sleep but now I was definitely not comfortable with my room. Every night now I stare at my closet thinking about what my sister had told me.

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