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They are Haunting Me

The story I´m about to tell you is kind of weird, but first a bit about me.I found your channel about one month ago and since then I’ve been wanting to post this, I´m a person that like to look at the stars and question the cosmos, and I do believe that aliens exist because the universe is really big. Now my story is mostly about nightmares I am still in high school so when I have school the next day i normally go to sleep at about 11 pm because i have to wake up at 7.30.

I also live in a suburban area in Portugal which might come as a sort of explanation to story later. As for my story as i go to bed and at that time of the night it is kinda pitch black except from the alarm clock that emits a green light so in the dark i can pick out my desk and wardrobe, when its about 11.30 to 12 pm if I still could not catch some sleep i start to feel anxiety and a type of life being watch type feeling, like those you get when you go alone into a creepy forest.

I feel that right beside me is something watching down at me but nothing is there because i can still see the wardrobe witch is about not even a meter, or about 2 feet from the right side of my bed, but i feel there is something there. The nightmares, well the come at least once a week what they are normally is me dream something and at the corner of my eye i might catch a tall white figure, like slender man but no suit and the face has two small black holes that might be it´s eyes, when i see it that´s where it starts, i can´t really remember those parts but of the figure watching me and blackness around, In those parts i feel angry and scared at the same time. I have no clue what it is, I did some research and found out that this might point to me being abducted, aliens tend to to it in rural and suburban areas.

Now i don´t now what to believe but this has been going on for at least one year.

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